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Man Cannot See Truth

Teacher Woo Myung's Meditation Lessons – Man Cannot See Truth

Every time a seminar or lecture is held in the U.S. I ask people if they know what the existence of Truth is, but no one knows.

Those who study the philosophy of dō call the existence of Truth “dō”. Christians call Truth “God” and in Buddhism, it is called “Buddha”. In Korea, it is called “Haneol-nim”, and elsewhere it is also called “Allah”.

This existence is alive, and it is eternal, never-changing and without death. Everything in the world was created by this existence of Truth; it is the Creator of the Universe. The land of this existence is the complete land of the Creator.

The reason man cannot see Truth is it can only be seen if man becomes the Creator and Truth. This eternal and never-changing existence of Truth is the infinite empty space of the Universe.

This eternal and never-changing existence of Truth is the infinite empty space of the Universe.

In the Universe, there are stars, the sun, the moon, the Earth, all creations and people.

Now let us suppose that all these things have been eliminated.

Even so, this existence, the empty space, which existed an eternity ago, still exists in the present and it will exist an eternity afterwards.

This existence is Truth. This existence is eternal and indestructible and it is the great living Soul and Spirit of the Universe. This existence is the Creator and it is this existence that created all creations.

It created the stars in the sky, the sun, the moon, the Earth, everything on Earth and people.

It is in order to find this existence that Christians take part in early morning and all night prayers, as well as practicing meditation in the mountains, but they have been unsuccessful. Buddhists also take part in all night meditation, as well as trying many other forms of meditation, but they too have been unable to find this existence. If they had, many people would have already become Truth.

All that man has is a mind of attachments, which is the same size as his body – his shape and form.

He is unable to see the Creator because he does not have Truth of this great Universe, the Creator, within him. The Creator, or Truth, can only be seen when one’s mind becomes as big as the Creator that is Truth.

When man gets rid of his body and his mind of attachments – his self – and discards the Universe of his conceptions, Truth remains; and this Truth becomes his mind. Then, he is able to see Truth.

He is able to see Truth when he is enlightened that the entity of his self has disappeared from the Universe, and the delusional Universe of his conceptions has been discarded.

If one sees Truth, the Universe, while one still has a self, then that Universe is one of non-existence, but if he sees the Universe when none of his self exists, having become the Universe itself, the Universe has a great Soul and Spirit – Jung and Shin. This Jung and Shin is the body and mind of the Universe, respectively. All creations of the world are the representations of this existence of Truth, the Creator.

If asked what Truth looks like, the answer would be that all creations are Truth. The original existence of Truth is the emptiness, but all things that have been created as the children of this existence are also Truth themselves. The material and the non-material are simply one. Everything is Truth. Man cannot see Truth because he has a narrow, self-centered mind of attachments that is the size of his shape and form. He will be able to see Truth when his mind is as big as the Creator that is Truth. Only when his self no longer exists and he becomes this existence itself can he see this existence and become it.

-Woo Myung-



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