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How to Transform Yourself Into Who You Want to Be

Updated: May 12, 2021

Long Island Meditation--Founder Woo Myung's Book, Philosophy and Practice

Transformation: The Effect of Meditation "People ask me if “human completion” is possible in reality, to which I tell them it has already been realized and that many people have already become complete. When people cast off their heavy burdens, not only do they become healthier because they are no longer stressed, they become saints. It is currently an age when anyone can become a saint." -Woo Myung

An excerpt from "Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness. Live There Forever."

What is the indication that a person’s minds have actually been discarded? It is a change. The fruits of enlightenment show through the changes one experiences. Woo Myung once said that meditation causes changes in one’s life and that it is also life-changing. A person’s consciousness changes when he discards his minds, and it is only when one’s consciousness changes that it is possible for a person to fundamentally change.

The initial changes one experiences are usually superficial or external such as improved health, sounder sleep, or better attention and focus. However, there are deeper and more profound changes that come during the course of meditation, such as spiritual growth and expansion of one’s consciousness towards the consciousness of the Universe. Practitioners of the meditation often speak of their experiences in a matter-of-fact way, but the changes they go through are ones that tear down barriers and bridge gaps between ages, generations, and cultures; the kind of deep inner changes that allow people to gain peace, warmth, gentleness, and compassion, become liberated from their hurts and conflicts, be reconciled with their enemies.

Most people who practice the meditation were not looking for spiritual growth or expansion of their consciousness when they first began; the majority was simply looking to unload some of the baggage from their minds and become a little more peaceful and happy. While this happens naturally along the way, people experience joy and surprise as they gain the enlightenment that they are the Universe and experience their consciousness expanding – a change that they neither expected nor thought possible. Furthermore, they gain enlightenments about where we come from, why we live and where we go after we die. The result of these enlightenments is they naturally begin to live lives that reflect these realizations about the Universe, nature, wisdom, and nature’s flow; lives that are in essence lived for others without even the thought or the mind that they are doing so.

The method of Woo Myung’s meditation is also a process of deep and truthful introspection. This introspection provides the basis for enlightenment and change. Those who are bound to their minds and bodies cannot possibly know that the mind and body are one, as are all people, the world and one’s self, and life and death. This is because they believe their bodies and minds – the size and form of their selves – to be everything.

The meditation method guides people to discard their bodies and minds, so that they can be enlightened that they are the infinite and eternal Universe. Becoming the Universe and living reborn as the Universe is the next step, which happens through a combination of discarding through sitting and action meditation. Woo Myung included action meditation for a number of different reasons; not only does it help the process of discarding the body, it also teaches us how to live with nature’s flow, how to live with others, how to be humble and considerate of others, and how to live with wisdom.

Each and every person is the Universe. It is possible for anyone to recover their original nature that is the Universe, which is the foundation on which the greatest dream of mankind rests – for all people to become one and live happily in peaceful coexistence.

"The method of human completion is discarding one’s body and mind and being reborn with one’s real body and mind. Perhaps this is why this meditation is so popular. Seeing so many people find true freedom, it makes me feel that I have done my work in the world." – Woo Myung


"This meditation transcends the boundaries of all religions. The meditation will elevate the human mind to the highest level of existence, the level of divinity. That is where peace is, the element that is meant to control the universe. Once we achieve a permanent peace we can give it to others." – Charles Mercieca President of UN-NGO, International Assiciation of Educators for World Peace

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