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Enlighten to truth | Meditation Experience

              Esther (Great Neck, NY)

     I feel all anxiety melted


"I have been meditating for 12 weeks, and I feel a great change in real life. I feel calmer and happier. I struggled with my anxiety throughout my life, and now I feel all melted. I recommend this to anyone to try it to experience the benefits. The helpers know how to guide well, and I feel very comfortable with them. After the pandemic started, they offered virtual sessions, which were very helpful. I love this experience. Try it for yourself; you won't regret it."


               Heather (Brooklyn, NY)

           I feel more confident about myself


"This is truly a place that I come to rest my mind after a long day at work. The place has such zen and positive energy that calms my mind every time I walk in. I used to have a lot of thoughts which caused me stress, anxiety, pain, and burdens. However, after coming to the center my life significantly improved. This meditation practice has also helped me to improve my relationships with others, to focus on one action at the time, and to never stop moving my body. Truly, finding this meditation practice has been a blessing."

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            Manohar (centereach, NY)

          Find the peace from within me


"I had been doing meditation on my own for a long time now but I never understood what meditation was. Through this meditation, I have come to know I have to create moments of peace. How the mind is, it runs wild and creates stress and pain. But if you channel your mind in a certain direction like in this meditation, and you follow the method, then suddenly you will have a moment of peace in the mind."




           Maribel (Great Neck, NY)

           I am in the better place


"I have been doing this meditation for a while now. Long Island Meditation is really a wonderful place. I am so grateful to be here. I am constantly amazed how miraculous it is. I have seen so many changes in my mind. I feel like I am so happy everyday. I have witnessed so many people around me through the meditation become free of illness, stress, anxiety, anger, depression and I have seen people who are already happy become even happier! I have so much gratitude for this process and I hope many people can experience this meditation as well!"

               Joann (Lancaster, PA)

        I am on the path of enlightenment


"Meditation has saved me from all the burdens I carried in my mind world. The helpers at this center are so dedicated to guiding me through the process. I am so grateful for learning how to let go of all the pictures that consumed me from childhood to now. Each day I meditate I awaken the truth, I eliminate the past and I am on the path of enlightenment, I feel so blessed. I truly recommend to ALL to follow the method and attain eternal life"

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Monica from Main Line PA Meditation - Meditation Story #meditationbenefit #guidedmeditation

Monica from Main Line PA Meditation - Meditation Story #meditationbenefit #guidedmeditation

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