Yvonne S.

Great Neck, NY



"I have been doing for 3 weeks but I already noticed a really good change. I felt like I was getting really stressed out and depressed. I already feel like it has been helping me with stress and with certain relationships in my life. I also noticed that I haven't been putting energy into the things I can't change or giving myself a reason to feel bad about things. The biggest change is with my mom so far. It is so much better."

Ester Z.

Great Neck, NY



"I have been meditating for 3 weeks and I feel a great change in real life. I feel calmer and happier. I recommend this to anyone to try it to experience the benefits. The helpers know how to guide well and I feel very comfortable with them. I love this experience. Try it for yourself, you won’t regret it."

Nancy E.

Great Neck, NY


"I was lost and now I am found. Like everyone, I was skeptical at first. Now I am a believer. I am on my way to healing and finding my 'true path.' Every person who works with you is so knowledgeable, kind, nurturing and most of all wants you to be happy, healthy and free of pain and stress. An experience that cannot be put into words. Already I am on the way to a healthier stronger "me." Lastly, simply a beautiful place to go and be a part of."

Susan R.

Great Neck, NY




"It has really helped me a lot. It has helped me to put the past in the past and really focus. I had a realization that unfortunately there are so many things you can't control and to spend any time just hoping and wishing, it is just useless energy that can be used in a different direction."

Manohar Z.

Great Neck, NY




"I have been doing meditation for a long time now but I never understood what meditation was. Through this meditation, I have come to know that meditation is something where you can't become Buddha or Jesus overnight. You have to create moments of peace. How the mind is, it runs wild and creates stress and pain. But if you channel your mind in a certain direction like in this meditation, and you follow the method, then suddenly you will have a moment of peace in the mind. Then we can channel our mind to the next event that may have some stress and pain, and by throwing away, we create another moment of peace.

There are definitely more things that we dislike in the mind that when we throw away, we create more moments of peace. One moment is a moment of peace and another moment is a moment of stress and pain, so we have to make sure that the moment of peace remains and the moment of pain disappears. As you go along in this meditation, one day, for sure, we win so that only peaceful moments remain."

Heather N.

Brooklyn, NY




"My childhood in Singapore was spent in and out of hospitals due to severe asthma. Doctors warned my mother that I wouldn’t live past adolescence because I was so skinny and weak. Because of this it made me understand that happiness does not come from possessions, rather it meant to be alive. I chose to work in the healthcare industry after college because of my childhood health issues. At the hospital where I worked, I witnessed many patients die. The first moment of sitting down next to a deceased patient, a man in his early 20s, sent me into a deep state of confused, fear and extreme sadness. The fear of losing my life during childhood flashed back to me and I wondered intensely where I would go after death, why was I born, and what ultimately is the meaning for human beings to live some years and then suddenly vanish away like smoke. egostrongI fell into a deep depression as I saw more and more patients pass away. Also- at that point in my life, I was aware that I still had judgments towards others and had a stro