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Gudied Meditation

Enlighten to truth | Meditation Method

Guided Meditation Method

   In Christianity, it is said that God is within me, and heaven which is God's land is within me. In Buddhism, it is said that Buddha is within me, and nirvana which is Buddha's land is within me. In Islam, it is said that Allah is within me, and paradise which is Allah's land is within me. Each religion calls Truth with different names - Christianity calls it God, Buddhism calls it Buddha, and Islam calls it Allah. It means that Truth is within me, and the land of Truth is within me.
   However, because people live inside their mind world which overlaps the world, they cannot find Truth within themselves. They cannot go to the land of Truth either. Then, how can you find Truth within you and go to the land of Truth? It is possible when you discard and eliminate all of your false mind world. The human mind is made of karma which is the life lived, habits inherited from the ancestors, and the body. When you discard all of this karma, habits, and body, you can find Truth from within yourself.
   We have the method to discard karma, habits, and body. When you follow the method and completely discard the karma, habits, and body, Truth is within you, and the land of Truth is within you.

Method of letting go
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