Angry Mom Becomes Happy Mom And It’s Contagious

Hwaik Cho / Office worker

"My mother and I used to play a game of “tug of war” from the time I was in middle school until my freshman year in high school. Regardless of whether or not I wanted to study, my mother had enrolled me in English and math tutoring. I quickly rebelled, and I would never stay in my tutoring program for more than a month. My mom expected and pressured me to do what she had not achieved in her life. She was especially strict and scary when it came to my studies."

Mom Is Going to Meditate? I’m Free

My mom was always busy with work. When I saw her, which was usually once a day, she’d ask me, “How’s your studying going?” “Did you go to the academy?” These were the only things she'd ever say to me. I hated that side of my mother. As time went on, just seeing her face would upset me.

One day when I was in high school, my mom suddenly decided to go to a week-long meditation retreat. Oh yeah! I felt free, as if I could breathe again. I was really happy she was gone.

After that week, my mother returned home. Our family could see subtle changes in my mom but all of us were still a bit doubtful. Is it real? But as the days passed, and even after a month, it was clear that my mother had really changed.