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How to Be Attractive to Everyone

How to be attractive

'Attractive' is a term we use for something that's eye-catching- rather someone, who'd make you look twice. It's human nature to want to be the eye-catcher, the one in the spotlight, the center of attention! Knowingly or unknowingly, every human strives for that attention- to be attractive to everyone around them.

A person who exudes confidence tends to be more attractive to other people. Their aura shines through and it's definitely bound to be an eye-catcher. It's also very important to stay true to one's self- to be real. Pretentiousness can be caught on easily, and it's more likely to turn people away. Someone who embraces their true qualities, with all their flaws, is inspiring to all those who struggle with self love. When you carry your realness unapologetically, you inherently become more attractive to all those around you. Where there's the individual growth that adds to the attractiveness of a person, there's also the way one interacts with people which adds to the charming effect. Making eye contact while having a conversation shows how you're invested in whatever's being said. Being a good listener is also very important, as it is not a very common quality in the increasingly opinionated world of today. Humans enjoy being heard, its particularly nice to know how their words are being paid heed to. Someone who's a good listener, who suspends the judgment and really just listens-has more and more people wanting to talk to them, and gets all the positive attention. The key to being a good listener, even a good talker is learning how to be patient. Patience is definitely a virtue of the highest regard. It gets unbearable to enjoy the company of a person who's hasty, and rash with his words and actions. One who's patient, knows when to talk and when to listen. All the aforementioned qualities aren’t something you are born with, it’s a skill that you must learn. Through meditation you go deep in your inner self and bring these inherent qualities out to the surface. Meditation helps you achieve that inner peace of mind that makes you accept yourself. When you accept yourself is when others start accepting you.


The most attractive is Nature:


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