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Goodbye Forever Sleepless Nights!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Long Island Meditation Benefits – Improve your sleep

Seung Hee Cho / Public Servant

Throughout my childhood, my parents fought almost every day. By the end of each day, I felt so anxious. My eldest sister was always praised by my mother, but I was scolded because I wasn’t as good as my sister in school. The atmosphere in the house was always tense and, as a result, I started having nightmares when I was 16 and I continued to have them almost every day. I resented my parents and the world, and wondered why I was even born and why I lived: life just felt difficult.

Sleep disorders and insomnia brought on by anger

As an adult, gradually, my motivation for everything decreased, and I had more issues with people at work. With all the stress from work, I wasn’t sleeping well. My health deteriorated and, at one point, I had to go to the hospital. I was diagnosed with insomnia brought on by anger. Because I couldn’t sleep well, my body regularly broke down, and going to the hospital became a part of my routine.

My heart and body were so heavy that I would wake up feeling dehydrated and barely able to move my limbs. My immune system was weak and this resulted in dry eye syndrome and diarrhea. I tried various medicines, but they didn’t help. No matter how many sleeping pills I took, I couldn’t sleep. I really thought that I was going to die. I just wanted to stop all of this pain. I decided to take a break from work and start this meditation which was recommended by my aunt.

After meditating in nature and emptying my mind, my insomnia disappeared

After meditating at my local meditation center for two weeks, I decided to spend some time at the main center in South Korea where I could practice intensive meditation. As I let go of all that I was carrying, the resentment toward my parents, the negative feelings toward my bosses, and the inferiority I felt when I compared myself to my older sister, my body, mind and heart became lighter. After less than a month of intensive meditation, my insomnia disappeared completely and I started sleeping better.

I now think less and take more action

When I came back to work, I was able to overcome difficult situations more easily thanks to meditation. Because my negative mind was the source of all of my illnesses, after meditating and throwing away the negative thoughts, I became slowly healthy again.

As part of the meditation program, I also did walking and action meditation. This is a practice to cleanse the mind by moving the body. As I did walking and action meditation, I realized how lazy I had been throughout my life. This laziness and lack of movement had led to my poor health. As I moved my body more and more, I found myself thinking less and my life became simpler and more effortless. This carried over into my daily life and I found I was thinking less and getting more done.

These days, I tend to forget that I even had insomnia. Now, I always have energy at work, and have much fewer conflicts with people. After letting go of the resentment I held toward the world, I always feel grateful without any expectation or desire. The hospital I used to go to so often is also a thing of the past, and now that my own problems are out of the way, I want to share my experience with the world and give people hope that their life can also change.


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