Goodbye Forever Sleepless Nights!

Updated: Feb 15

Long Island Meditation Benefits – Improve your sleep

Seung Hee Cho / Public Servant

Throughout my childhood, my parents fought almost every day. By the end of each day, I felt so anxious. My eldest sister was always praised by my mother, but I was scolded because I wasn’t as good as my sister in school. The atmosphere in the house was always tense and, as a result, I started having nightmares when I was 16 and I continued to have them almost every day. I resented my parents and the world, and wondered why I was even born and why I lived: life just felt difficult.

Sleep disorders and insomnia brought on by anger

As an adult, gradually, my motivation for everything decreased, and I had more issues with people at work. With all the stress from work, I wasn’t sleeping well. My health deteriorated and, at one point, I had to go to the hospital. I was diagnosed with insomnia brought on by anger. Because I couldn’t sleep well, my body regularly broke down, and going to the hospital became a part of my routine.

My heart and body were so heavy that I would wake up feeling dehydrated and barely able to move my limbs. My immune system was weak and this resulted in dry eye syndrome and diarrhea. I tried various medicines, but they didn’t help. No matter how many sleeping pills I took, I couldn’t sleep. I really thought that I was going to die. I just wanted to stop all of this p