Teacher Woo Myung Teachings on Youtube – The Human Mind

Teacher Woo Myung Teachings on Youtube – The Human Mind

Christianity tells us we have original and actual sin, and Buddhism tells us everything is in our minds and that what we hold in our minds is karma.

All religions tell us to cleanse and empty our minds, but this is often misunderstood.  People commonly think that what is meant by this is to abandon or give up what they intended to do.

The human mind is the way one is living at present.

In Korea, there is a saying that you live according to what you have in your mind – according to the minds that you have “eaten”.  When we eat, the nutrients we need remain in our bodies, and what is not needed is excreted. The mind is what one has been born into, and in much the same way as food, the collective learning and experiences one takes in from birth.  These things become one’s “self” and dictate how he lives, which is why it is said that you live according to the minds you have eaten.

The experiences of your life become the foundation on which your individual mind is formed.

The human mind is like a video. This means man lives his life in an illusion from birth. It is comparable to a video because with his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and body – his five senses – he takes pictures of all that he experiences as he lives, and stores them inside him. These become his “self” and they dictate how he lives and behaves.

As man lives out his life within this mind – this “film” – he takes pictures of his hometown, his elementary, middle and high schools, college, military service, marriage, career and religious life; not only has he taken pictures in his mind of his entire past, but he will continue to do so even in the future of all that he sees, hears, speaks, smells and feels.