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It Takes Courage to Become Who You Really Are

The Story of a Butterfly

She could have never imagined she could turn into a beautiful butterfly. It took patience, time and she truly had to believe from her heart. When she surrendered and wove her silk cocoon, the caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly...spreading her wings to fly. 🦋 She was become who she was always meant to be.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ―E.E. Cummings

Be brave, start here:

Everyone has goals and dreams that they pursue in life. However, hardly anyone living in this world ever achieves them. Some of those goals and dreams are worth achieving, and some are not. If you are to reach them, first, your mind has to become the true mind, then you can know whether they are worth accomplishing. People are incomplete and have curiosity, questions, doubts, and live with pain and burden because they are living inside their mind world which overlaps the world. People think they are living in the world, but they are incomplete because they live inside their minds. In the human mind, there are the karma, which is the life lived, the habits that one has inherited from the ancestors, and the body. The karma, the habits, and the body are not one with the world, and people are inside their own mind which has taken pictures of what belongs to the world – this is why people are incomplete. People live here without wisdom, not knowing the ways of the world and are trapped inside of themselves. When you eliminate this, you will have no more curiosity, questions, or doubts and you won’t have any more pain or burden.

Would you like to learn how to be brave to start accomplishing your true will?


From the book " Hope for the Flowers" by Trina Paulos

Video from SaveOurMonarchs Foundation

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