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Saying Goodbye To Insomnia And Digestive Issues Through Meditation

Long Island Meditation Experience

Jeong-a Lee/ full-time employee

Back in 1999, my father had a stroke. As a result, I had no choice but to support my family financially. I was running my own piano school at the time. From that point on, I could barely sleep at night because of all the stress and pressure of trying to support my family. I got really upset with my family. I couldn’t understand why I should be the one to support my family, after all, I wasn’t the oldest child.

Endless worries while trying to sleep

I couldn’t sleep at night. I had migraines during the day. I started having digestive issues and stomach pain. I had to carry around all kinds of medication for my stomach and digestive issues – which were now daily problems. I was easily irritated and the physical pain was starting to cause emotional distress. I was not happy teaching piano to children any longer. My stress was only getting worse, whether my teaching business was good or bad.

I started taking sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep, but even that didn’t help. I ended up quitting my job after 7 years of teaching. Soon after that, a friend of mine recommended this meditation method to me and told me it would help with my mental stress and my physical pain. Soon after I started, all of my worries decreased. It had been so long since I had peace.

A good night’s sleep heals my head and stomach

When I looked back at my life regarding my parents, while meditating, I could see that they had been dedicated to our family all of their lives. I became ashamed of myself bragging to them about how much money I was making. After about a month of meditating, I started to feel lighter and was able to get a full night’s sleep. As time passed by, my headaches completely disappeared. My sensitive personality started to relax a bit too. Now my mind feels clear and even my digestive issues have gone away.

I decided to go back to teaching piano about a year ago now and I’ve heard many compliments! People tell me that I look energized and work hard. This meditation method has allowed me to become a very healthy person. The more I let go of through this meditation, the more I realized how important it is to continue.



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