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People Living In A Dream Do Not Know they Are In A Dream

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

"Dreams are illusions of people’s minds. The Mind expresses itself through dreams- what it desires, what it has.

When we are dreaming, we do not know it is a dream. Likewise, people who live in the false world of their own conceptions and standards do not know that that world is a dream. Because they have self-centered false illusions in their minds they know no other way to live but according to their own frame of minds, the script within their minds. It is the same as being unable to avoid the dreams they are dreaming. Only those who have awakened from their dreams know this. Weather you were troubled or in live inside the dream, when you wake from it, you know that it is not reality. Likewise, life is just a night’s dream. When you come out from your own frame of conceptions and standards you will know that life in this world is a dream.

Once you become Truth you will realize that your conceptions and standards are false. You will know that they are just individual narrow thoughts and self-centered principles, Therefore, all of one’s own conceptions and standards are false; they are far from Truth.

Truth is life itself. Truth does not have discernment. Truth exists without the mind of existing. It is energy and light; it is great freedom. One whose current life becomes Truth by awakening from his dream becomes Truth, knows the true world and knows that life is a dream."

Woo Myung.

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