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Not Even the Affairs of the Human World Can Be Successfully Achieved with the Human Mind

Updated: May 14, 2020

Teacher Woo Myung Teachings on Youtube – Not Even the Affairs of the Human World Can Be Successfully Achieved with the Human Mind

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A person comes to have regrets when he fails to achieve something or when he is unable to do something he wants. No matter what he achieves or gains, it is meaningless because man’s very existence is a dream and an illusion. He is non-existent. A person who lives with the thought that he must earn money becomes a slave of money. This very thought hinders him from earning money.

If he does not have such thoughts, he will become free. This does not mean he will not be able to earn any money because reality is not brought about by delusional thoughts and minds. Causes bring about results – money is earned by one’s actions and not by his thoughts. One cannot love his enemies just because he is told to do so, even if he is told numerous times. This is only possible when enemies do not exist in his mind.

All people in the world live with greed, so they want to live according to their own will. However they are unable to do so because their will is not supported by their actions. They live worrying about various things, but these worries are falseness itself. They are meaningless and they do not prevent events from happening.

It is the way of the world that cause brings effect, and that one reaps what he sows. Worries do not disappear just because one is told not to worry; they disappear when the mind of worry is discarded. It is then that things will happen according to the natural order of the Universe. A person who has done this will be able to live a better life because he will be realistic instead of having overblown dreams.

I have seen many stories on the news of wealthy people who committed suicide after losing their fortune. Many people also killed themselves when their lovers left them. These people’s minds were so filled with money or love that they were unable to bear it when these things disappeared. They would have been fine if they had not had money or love in their mind. Living in the world according to universal order means one becomes the mind of the world and that he does not have human minds. If he is then born in the world, he will live well because he will be realistic.

-Woo Myung-

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