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I Feel So Grateful And Blessed To Have This Meditation

Long Island Meditation Testimonial

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Flushing Meditation has moved to online meditation only. I am so grateful! Every day I look forward to the meditation. It has become the best part of my day. I feel more connected to my fellow meditators and this meditation community. It is as if we are all in the same room! This has been an amazing experience.

I am happier and my stress level is gone. I have no worries about the corona virus and everything that is going on. I am just continuing to stay healthy and safe. The meditation allows me to LIVE, be positive, be present and keep up my immune level which is really important during crazy times like this. I have more energy, sleep better and am more focused during my day. I no longer have thoughts racing in my mind, worries that keep me up at night or fear of the unknown. I can just be. I am enjoying the relationships around me even more, have the opportunity to exercise by going for nature walks and am staying more connected to those around me through FaceTime video chat, calls and text.

As some of you have heard, the world is naturally starting to heal itself. The air has improved in Italy and China. The water is cleaner and dolphins are in waters that they have not been in before! Life is beautiful, nature is beautiful, people are beautiful, the truth is beautiful with this simple method of subtraction. Hopefully more new people will join so they too can heal their minds and be free from stress and worries. I feel so grateful and blessed to have this meditation. Thank you Flushing Meditation and the founders! Let’s continue to meditate and coexist.

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