How to Survive at Home During the Coronvirus Quarantine - Meditate in NY

Updated: May 14, 2020

The stress of being confined to the home along with not having a meditation center to go to can make meditation focus difficult

I have been talking to many meditation students these past few weeks since people have been in quarantine. The outbreak of COVID-19 has been stressful for people in many ways and here are the 3 main things preventing their ability to focus.

1. People are stuck with their family

We are ordered to stay inside for our own health so we are around our family members all the time. It is not a bad thing to be around family unless you don't like them. But people are trying to work from home so it becomes difficult to find one's own work space, and it is really difficult to focus with kids and pets running around, complaints and distractions from family members and the typical distractions of internet, cell phone and television.

2. Lack of exercise

People who normally get stress relief from exercising and moving around a lot, find that they don't have the space to exercise and tend to move around less, leaving the stress to stay within their body. This can accumulate over weeks. People tend to feel more lethargic and have a lot less energy if they aren't able to exercise. Things like depression and anxiety can fall into your mind without you knowing about it. The ability to focus or have motivation to meditate also diminishes over time with lack of exercise.

3. No private space to focus on meditation

This is extremely challenging for large families with limited space. In order to meditate, you need a room where no one can bother you for an hour or so. If there are frequent interruptions, you will get easily frustrated and avoid meditating altogether.

Tips for better meditation

There is no easy solution for this because