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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As My Mind Changed, My Life And My Family Also Changed

Bae Jae Seong / Corporate Employee

I was always very negative and got irritated easily. I was depressed for no reason and also rebellious. I felt a lot of regrets about my life. Even at a young age, I was curious about the purpose of life, but I lived thinking that to be able to know the answer was beyond me. And so I carried on and just lived my life. At about the time when I was getting worn out by this mindset, I happened to come across a booklet for this meditation. The contents were scientific and I felt this was different from the existing forms of other meditations out there. It was really astonishing that I began this journey.

Seeing myself drown my stress in alcohol, I was the same as my father

After doing this meditation, I finally got to know what peace of mind really is. In the past, I made a very solid self-centered frame and never dared to let anyone invade my space. When I was young, our family struggled financially. My father was perpetually drunk while my mother took on all kinds of odd jobs to raise us, 5 children. I had to witness the unavoidable fights between my parents, and we frequently moved. The atmosphere at home was always dark. My life until now consisted of an inferiority complex about being poor, feelings of loss, and the fear of living.

Time passed by and I eventually came to have a family of my own, but in the back of my mind, it was always occupied by negative minds. My wife tells me she was always anticipating about when I would next lash out from irritation and that she was nervous and anxious during the times I would return home after a night of drinking. I relieved my stress through drinking. I would always ask myself why I behaved that way later on and felt very frustrated. I vowed not to live like my father, but I was already the spitting image of my father.

Now…my life has completely changed. I spend m