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How to build up good habits in 2023

We meditate not only to feel comfortable but also to change our behaviors. We help you change your life pattern in a better way!

How's your New Year going so far? Still the same as last year?

Already, ten days of this year have passed by! Think about the last ten days. Are you transforming yourself as you planned? Or, You didn't plan for this year yet!😩

Here are the steps to change this year in a better way!

Step 1: Reflect on yourself.

When you meditate with us, you can see your mind patterns making you feel anxious, unorganized, and shaky. From the perspective of the truth, you can see that false mind! It is very different to see your mind not from the perspective of your mind but from the universe.

Step 2: Let go of bad habits.

Now, you see your false mind as the program that dictates you. Here is the meditation method; you can let go of everything that bothers you.

Step 3: Build up good habits.

After letting go of your mind patterns, you can realize the true mind exists in you. You can build up your good habits with that clear and stable mind.

Step 4: Consistency is the key

To know and the become are different. You are here to change yourself for the best version of yourself! Daily journaling helps you check that you are doing well. We coach how to write a

Journal by incorporating meditation.

IN JANUARY, we will help you plan for 2023 and write a daily journal of mind-seeking and gratitude. Join us!

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