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Suppressing vs Discarding your mind

In this meditation, we empty our minds so that we can return to our original minds, so we throw away our attachments to money, love, family, pride, inferiority, etc.

Now, this might get some people often worried people say I want money, love family in my life what do you mean by throwing it away how can you live a normal life when you throw away money, love, and family? That is a very good question!

Now let me clarify this matter, so people won't be misled this meditation is about throwing away

your false mind, which is the cause of stress, anxiety, and frustration by discarding unnecessary thoughts, your mind becomes calmer, and you can think clearer naturally. This will help you focus on whatever you are doing, and you will be left more able to enjoy and complete whatever tasks are at hand. Let me give you an example!

Let's say you are a student who is very stressed about the exam next week the thought of the exam makes you feel anxious and worried, so you don't want to think about it you end up spending a lot

of time on youtube or on games which kind of helps you stop thinking about the exam. However, you know deep down that you have an exam, and you shouldn't be spending too much time like this, so you actually cannot fully enjoy what you're doing so with all the stress and anxiety, you

can't focus on studying, but you can't rest or enjoy other things, either. So what does it mean to throw away my mind of exams, and how will it actually help it literally means to discard the mind you have about the exam that creates stress and worries all the thoughts you have about the exam

what if I don't do well and do not get a good grade, I didn't do well in the last exam either what if I fail again, and what would others think of me, I am just not good enough to do anything, etc.

Just like all the other worries that we have, they are either about something that has already happened that you can't really do anything about or something that hasn't happened yet

some might wonder so if you are throwing away thoughts about the exam, then you will just forget about the exam and not study absolutely not it's completely the opposite by discarding all those negative minds that you have about the exam, your mind becomes free of anxiety and worries

your mind becomes clearer and calmer now you can think clearer and see the logic of the cause and effect you understand that if you want to get a good grade, then you simply need to make an effort also you are able to accept the results after doing your best.

This is just a simple example, but it shows how throwing away your unnecessary mind can actually help you move forward in a positive way when you discard your mind about money and love family, you will be able to work harder for better money and improve your relationships and be harmonious and happier with your family as you live your life, the world might give you something that you are totally

unprepared for not necessarily in a positive way. However, when you keep your mind clear and calm, you can always think wisely, make better decisions, and have the confidence to take action to move forward. This is one of the greatest benefits of meditation. So throw away your mind about money, love, family, and pride, and start living truly with your true wealth, love and family enjoy your life to the fullest.

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