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Updated: May 25, 2020

Teacher Woo Myung's Quotes


People speak, act, and live according to what they hold in their minds. A person who has righteousness in his mind will live in the world of righteousness. Righteousness is eliminating all the minds he has taken in and when this happens, he will become the Truth and live righteously.

Best Health

The best health starts with the mind. When the mind lives with nature’s flow, when the mind is liberated, and lives as the Truth, his energy and blood circulation will improve and illness will disappear.


Human happiness is about living without worries; the mind that brings happiness is one that wishes for others to live better lives.

Absent of Conflicts

When the time comes as the people of world know to blame no one but themselves, everyone will have the mind of acceptance. Though the Truth, all people will be able to live well, absent of conflicts and hindrances.

Nature's Flow

Nature’s flow is to just live as water flows, without going against the laws of nature; it is living without conflicts; it is living as one without separation between you and me; living simply as one in togetherness; it is living for others before one’s self; it is doing without the mind of having done; it is simply just living. Such is a life of nature’s flow.

Make Up Your Mind

The Korean proverb, “Make up your mind in a big way” means one should have a big mind of the Universe. When one becomes the mind of the Universe, there is no sorrow, suffering, or pain because there is no self.

Become a Saint

People have their bodies and minds so they believe their self exists. But when they get rid of what they believe to be them, they become the Truth – this is the way to become a saint. This is the ultimate goal.

Big Mind

A person with a big mind does not have a framework of “self.” He is able to succeed because he is not bothered by many things and he does not have conflicts with others. A person who tries to make the world suit his mind will not succeed. When one lives with a mind that is as big as the world, he is able to understand the world and the world will suit him.


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