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Who is Teacher Woo Myung?

There is something called Truth which mankind has been studying throughout our history, whether it be through religion or science. In religion they refer to it as God or Buddha. Because people don't know the answers, they have such questions as,

"Where do we come from?"

"What is my purpose in life?"

"Where do I go when I die?"

And they try to resolve it subconsciously by living their life to the best of their abilities and knowledge and hoping that their lives have some meaning at the end of their lives. But after time goes by, they just disappear and nothing remains.

Even until the very end, people just go back and forth in their mind without having found a truthful answer. They can only answer based on their limited experience and therefore everyone has different answers because their experiences are so different. These life questions aren't easy to answer because it isn't a tangible thing that people can sense.

There are people in the world who can not only bring to life things that were once non-material or non-existent but make it easy for people to use it easily while they are alive. Technology such as cell phones, computers and televisions didn't exist at some point. But there were people that created the technology and brought it to life for the average person to use to improve their quality and enjoyment of life. Just like this, there should be a person to bring to life the Truth so that people can use it at their will to create a meaningfu

l life where they themselves can know the ways of the world. Woo Myung has created such a method for people to know the ways of the world just by implementing a simple meditation practice into their daily life.

Woo Myung is the founder of this meditation. We are grateful to him because he helped changed our lives so that we can live an unconditionally happy and healthy life. 100% of his efforts go toward helping people become enlightened to the Universe mind.

To learn more about this great man, please visit the website:

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