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Which Meditation is best?

First it is important to know what meditation is. Meditation is not easy to define because it is can be used to describe different methods. Even within the Hinduism or Buddhism faiths, individual instructors teach different methods. From the earliest written records in such traditions and beliefs, meditation was used as a method to achieve enlightenment or self-realization. But since the 19th century, it has spread to other countries and cultures to use in business or private life as a way of reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and also increasing peace, well-being, focus, quality of life, happiness, and love.

In the West, there are two main meditation categories:

1. Focused Attention Meditation – Voluntary focusing of attention on a chosen object, breathing, image, or words (mantra meditation such as Transcendental Meditation).

2. Open Monitoring meditation – Involves non-reactive monitoring of the content of experience from moment to moment. (Mindfulness)

Various methods use elements of both meditation categories and have varying postures, frequencies of practice, use of objects (prayer beads) and sounds (music or instruments).

Why are there so many types?

The reason why many different variations of meditation have been created is because it depends on the result you want. People have different lifestyles so they are looking for meditation that suits their needs and desires. There are many reasons people do meditation:

1. obtaining spiritual enlightenment.

2. getting rid of a bad habits like drinking

3. improving focus

4. improving quality of life

5. eliminating sickness, illness or disease (or improving health)

6. finding purpose or meaning in life

7. being in the present

8. decreasing negative thoughts

9. decreasing stress, burden , depression or anxiety

The meditation styles were developed to help people deal with these issues and some are more effective depending on the kind of mind people have. But the problem is that since these meditations don’t get to the root of the mind, the underlying issue remains and keeps popping up based on that person’s life conditions. (That is their karma)

Most modern meditation can only accept or distract from but can’t eliminate

In today’s society, meditation has been sensationalized as a great tool in this age of the “me first.” Many doctors and other health professionals recommend meditation to help people with stress related illnesses. But this leads to ineffective meditation courses because instead of dealing with the root of the problem, today’s meditation focuses on improving the “feeling” one gets through the process of meditation. In other words, if you keep your mind off the problem, it is possible to become free of it at the moment and of course you would feel better if you aren’t thinking of your financial or family issues. For example, if a person who had financial problems were drinking, the alcohol would make them forget their issue temporarily, but the problem would still exist in their mind after the hangover. Meditations like mantra, breathing or open-monitoring meditation all have the same structure in that they help the practitioner to become free of their suffering for the moment.

That kind of meditation is the same as coping with regular exercise, a very good hobby, playing video games or just by watching youtube all day. It can be a decent short to medium term solution, however, the root of the problem is still there. In many cases, people just have too many thoughts and can’t even focus on their meditation practice.

What is the Root? *

The moment a person is born, he has genes that contain certain traits or characteristics, such as eye or hair color, that were passed down from the parents and ancestors. The characteristics can also be behavioral such as intelligence and natural talents. Many health conditions and diseases are also genetic. This is the foundation that man is born with and it is the foundation of his mind..

Man builds on this foundation by adding onto it. Man’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth and body act like a camera. He takes pictures of the world and stores them into his brain from his childhood until the present and engraving his emotions therein; emotions made by what he has seen, heard, smelled and felt in his mind. This is the human mind: one’s own world that he has made, an illusionary mind that is self-centered and that only he can see. Man lives inside of this “film” he has made and will continue to make it. For example, anyone who has visited the Statue of Liberty will have an image of it in their mind, just like a camera’s film. Man’s mind is exactly like the image in the film that are not real; they are false.The actual Statue of Liberty is what is real; What is inside the mind is false.

This human mind is the root that is like a computer program. It controls what man thinks, what he says and what he does, yet he is unaware of it. For example, if man studies medicine, he will think, act and talk about medicine. If a man studies law, he will think, act and talk about law. What one has learned is all he knows.

Why Eliminate the Root?

Fundamentally, there are roots that move one’s self. Those roots are living inside of one’s self, yet are invisible. Because one lives as those invisible roots, they have stress, anxiety, worries and illnesses. But since there are so many that one has in his mind and are very deep, it becomes one’s subconscious mind and there has to be a systematic and scientific method to eliminate it step by step; that is, to see and throw away, to see and throw away, etc., like when you are cleaning your room. If you can’t see it, you won’t be able to throw away. Humans have a study of this root which is Psychology which is the study of human mind and behavior, or the programming and its output. But it is not complete because it didn’t tell people how to eliminate the programming, so people will repeat the same behavior.

How to Eliminate the Root?

People need to throw away the roots of their mind. These roots are the false self. So if we discard the false self, the True Self will remain. That is the meditation study of Finding My True Self.

This meditation teaches how to cleanse falseness – the pictures of past memories – which we have accumulated through our self-centered experiences. It teaches us that we are the false minded illusions and that our bodies and minds have become a slave to these illusions and they must be cleansed. From start to finish, this meditation is a place that focuses only on cleansing oneself so that all roots are eliminated. When one cleanses his self and the roots of his mind, only the pure universe, Truth remains.

This meditation is the place to cleanse both body and mind to become Truth. As it is cleansed of falseness, your mind becomes clear and true, and thus, it becomes more comfortable. Because all illnesses are caused by the mind, there are many cases where people are cured from their illnesses and become healthier after practicing this mediation.

This meditation is the place that can show the root of mind and also has the method to pull out the root of the mind.

To know the best meditation is dependent on what the individual wants to do. If you want to eliminate the root of the minds that cause you to become a slave, then you must Find Your True Self.


Please CLICK HERE for more information about the method.

* “Stop Living in This Land Go To the Everlasting World of Happiness LIve There Forever” pg. 97

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