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What's Creativity?

Updated: May 12, 2021

Long Island Meditation: Meditation and Creativity

What is Creativity?

The ability to use one's imagination and create a novel idea or a product!

Every human has this innate ability--With his imagination running wild, he can come up with ideas and products unheard of before. It's the human creativity that has him reaching the heights unimaginable for even the creatures born with wings, and has him diving into the depths of this earth that even the creatures living beneath him couldn't venture into.

Creativity is seamless. There's no way to tell where it begins and where it'd end!

More often than not, even with an imagination this vast, a person is unable to unlock his potential to the fullest. With a million thoughts running through his head, pinpointing one and then transforming it into something substantial can be quite the task.

This is where meditation fits into the picture. Just a 30-minute routine of meditation can work wonders in helping one to put his thoughts more in order. How does meditation exactly do that?

One of the most beneficial outcomes of meditation is stress relief. Humans are constantly worried about things. In the fast paced world of today, most of the stress for many age groups of humans is work related. This stress hinders one's ability to work up to par with his potential. Which leads to him feeling more pressurized. This starts a vicious cycle of sorts. And one's creativity is lost somewhere in the depths of all the stress hogging his brain.

With just a quick routine of meditation, which can be done by:

1) Finding a quiet and comfortable place

2) Closing the eyes

3) Shifting focus to one's breathing

4) Observing the emotions one is going through

5) Letting the mind go (You can learn with us!)

6) Finally relax

A person can be relieved off of at least part of the stress that he carries around. And with that gone, his thought process becomes clearer. He can focus more on the productive thoughts instead of the worries. With a clearer vision, it's easier to find a way to his creative thinking.

If meditation were to become an essential part of one's daily life, it'd definitely lead to outcomes far greater than what one would have hoped for.

Would you like to learn how to be more creative?


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