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What is Nature's Flow? - Woo Myung Writing

Updated: May 14, 2020

"The original mind, the mind of Truth, is compassion and love. Nature’s Flow is the mind of Nature: The Universe, Truth gives us food to eat, water to drink, gives us heat and cold, and allows all things to live, but it never expects anything in return. It does not have the mind of having done something, despite all that it has done; the very thought of having done something does not exist. Such a mind is the mind of nature’s flow.

Even though it saves people, not having the mind of having done so is the mind of nature, and great love, namely it is nature’s flow. The mind of Nature’s Flow is the mind of nature, one that is without ‘self.’ Therefore, it is without conflict and hindrances, and though it exists, it is a big mind that is accepting of all things. The mind of God that accepts everything is what natures flow is."

Woo Myung. Heaven's Formula for Saving the World. pp. 265.

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