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Virtual Meditation Events with Long Island Meditation

Recently we teamed up with Yelp to provide a meditation class for their Elite Yelpers. I was really surpised to see how positive everyone was. Almost 50 people showed up and we had a great time to go through the meditation method together. Thank you everyone who joined us and made the event so successful. It really inspired us to keep creating more meditation classes for people. I am so grateful to everyone who attended and to Jared with Yelp for organizing everything. We are looking forward to more in the future with the positive Elite Yelpers!

We are hosting more free events during this pandemic. Please register at with our free membership and you will get access to classes everyday.

Below are some of the attendees responses for the event and you can read more by clicking on the links below.


Did you know we have a YouTube channel? We post inspiring poems, readings, student reviews, and other fun content everyday!  CLICK HERE to explore Long Island Meditation on Youtube

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