To Escape From Pain

A young man is sitting on the street and crying. An old man passes by and asks, “Hey, why are you crying here alone?” “It is too painful to live. I lost my job today. I have my wife and kids. It is hopeless to maintain our livelihood,” replies the young man.

The old man says, “Hey, young man, you are still young but you are forgetting about what’s really important. In order to escape from the pain you are experiencing now, you need to realize that your life is false and exists like a shadow.”

The young man asks him back, “What do you mean?” The old man continues, “It is what it literally means. Life is false, an illusion and a dream. Someone said that life is like a bubble. The stories and pain you are experiencing now are all false. So you need to know that and escape from that bubble-like life. It’s important to find your true life.”

The young man says, “Hey, you don’t know my situation now. You are alone and have no wife and kids. But for me, I should give some food to my family and keep our life. You only care for yourself, don’t you?”

The old man says, “If you understand what I say, you could escape from your pain. I feel sorry for you. It was my pleasure to meet you.” The old man left.

From master Woo Myung’s book, Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

God’s World Beyond the Human World

Man has been in the world for a long time; he is born in the world through the balance and harmony of creation and is able to live by the will of heaven and earth. However, he lives as he wishes; he makes his own world and lives thinking he is alive because of his own greatness. He does not know that he exists because the world exists. He does no