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The Trinity of Health

Meditation - Health Benefits

In my childhood, I was always sick. Maybe, I was born weak. Chronic dermatitis has always bothered me throughout my entire life and I have had many operations due to significant and minor illnesses. Every time, I lost my will to work on the task at hand. There was nothing I could actively do about it when I was a kid. My parents would probably have to depend on hospitals. As I became an adult, I tried more actively to improve my health. I knew I could not do anything while I was sick, even though I had the entire world at my feet.

As a result of a nearly ten-year study of my body, in which I was used like a lab mouse, I have fully recovered my health and even the chronic dermatitis that the doctors had given up on, has disappeared completely. I would like to share this precious information that I have obtained through such a process. I dare to call this information which is compressed into only 3 points, ‘the Trinity of health.’ You might be doubtful about it because it is so simple and well-known but the truth is always simple, isn’t it?

1. Move Your Body

From my childhood, what I have heard the most was ‘take a rest’ especially because I was weak. I naturally believed that the way to become healthy was to spare myself and take a rest. However, it was completely contrary to what I believed. It was the easiest way to ruin my body. What I tried first to improve my health was exercise. Almost every day, I did yoga and hiked mountains with my bare feet. It was difficult in the beginning but I could feel that it improved my body little by little. I started to feel full of energy with great blood circulation. Ever since then, I have never skipped exercise even one day. I take a walk at least half an hour and do stretching before sleeping.

Then, I changed the habit of sparing myself completely. I started focusing on doing physical movements that I would usually hesitate wit

h before because I feared being hurt or feeling tired. I also tried doing exercises until I reached the ultimate limit or learned dancing for the first time in my life. It was the first step to break the wall of fear. I started to move this body that I had been protecting and looked after myself for others’ sake. I do volunteer work that requires physical movements rather than work that requires sitting and using my brain. As I use my body for the world without any personal gain, I feel that my once heavy body now feels light as a feather.

The body is just like a machine. If it is not used, it atrophies. The more you use it, the more fit it becomes, the more active the cell regeneration works. The body is given to us ‘to use.’ If we save it for later, it becomes like metal scrap. Let’s keep that in mind. And for exercise, if you find something suitable for you, that is the best exercise for you.

2. Throw Away Mind

Many symptoms have improved as I moved my body actively. However, vestiges of illnesses were still embedded in cells and came out from time to time. I gave it a thought, and then I could see that my mind was not resting even th

ough my body was. I always had many thoughts, worried about the future and suffered as I was bound to images from the past. The memories that had been stored from my childhood continued to drag me into bad habits. My body that reacted to hormonal changes tortured me, which was almost like a disease. Every time my mind went up and down, I was sick again as if my body recollected the memories of the past sicknesses. In the end, I realized that the body and mind are one. I came to realize that I would go back to how I was as long as my mind does not change no matter how much my body changes.

I then searched for it and I ended up meeting the mind subtraction meditation ( I found this clear method that other meditations did not have. It was the method of subtracting the pictures, the memories stored in each of the body’s cells. Enormous reactions occurred within my body as I threw away my mind, which were false pictures. I felt that the bad elements from my body were being discharged as if toxins were being discharged from my body. As my mind became lighter, my body also became lighter. In the end, I even subtracted the picture saying ‘I was sick, I was born weak,’ then illnesses did not even exist; they became nothing. As I even noticed some people who were practicing the same meditation recover from cancer, I realized that it was my mind that made my body sick and it was also my mind that could cure illnesses just by being cleansed. Unless the roots are not plucked from the mind, the body goes back to how it was. Let’s empty our mind for a healthy life. This is the fundamental cure.

3. Let’s Eat Properly

As both my mind and body found comfort, it is now important to maintain it. It is the continuous supply of ‘energy’ that keeps my body alive. In order to maintain our body that is material, we need to adequately supply suitable nutrition to it. Of course, I have tried everything in terms of diets; from detoxification, fasting, vegetarian diet, having food suitable to my constitution, all kinds of herbs and oriental medicines. While they did provide short-term positive effects, it was not the fundamental solution. These other methods also caused some inconveniences because I had to be bound to diets that couldn’t fit my busy lifestyle. I needed a balanced diet which I could reasonably and conveniently eat every day.

Through this search, I encountered Self Balancing Food and I thought ‘this was it!’ As I mentioned earlier, if we suppose that our body is a machine it is the most important thing to supply the materials that help the machine to operate well. The Self Balancing Food was made of good quality ingredients and contained the essential nutrients that our body needs. Because I could take in those essential nutrients every meal, nothing could be better than this. My body felt light and my appetite went back to that of nature. I was naturally steered away from artificial junk food and I was drawn to a ‘healthy’ appetite that my body actually needs. My skin tone became more radiant day by day and I was always full of energy even though I didn’t overeat. Most of all, I didn’t need to spend my time eating or worrying about what to eat, so I could use my time much more efficiently. These days, it has also been stressful for me to choose what to eat because of GMO or chemically grown produce. It was like a miracle for me to find such a perfect food that is made of good quality organic ingredients that I could trust.

If you skip any one of the ‘Trinity for health,’ you cannot achieve the perfect fitness. ‘Illnesses’ come from ‘imbalance.’ And, that imbalance comes along even when one of the trinity is missing. It might seem difficult to carry out those three items but let them naturally fall into place in your life. Take some time away from sitting at a computer and do some exercises instead. Cut out some time from hanging around with your friends and practice the meditation of emptying the mind instead. And, let your tongue that is used to junk food go back to nature. You will also experience a miracle like me if you have a little bit of willingness.

So, I will use this new found happy energy that I have received, for the world for the rest of my life. I feel born again. That’s why I just want to return what I have received to the world again. Keeping things going around and around, keeping it balanced is actually the principle of nature.


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