The Trinity of Health

Meditation - Health Benefits

In my childhood, I was always sick. Maybe, I was born weak. Chronic dermatitis has always bothered me throughout my entire life and I have had many operations due to significant and minor illnesses. Every time, I lost my will to work on the task at hand. There was nothing I could actively do about it when I was a kid. My parents would probably have to depend on hospitals. As I became an adult, I tried more actively to improve my health. I knew I could not do anything while I was sick, even though I had the entire world at my feet.

As a result of a nearly ten-year study of my body, in which I was used like a lab mouse, I have fully recovered my health and even the chronic dermatitis that the doctors had given up on, has disappeared completely. I would like to share this precious information that I have obtained through such a process. I dare to call this information which is compressed into only 3 points, ‘the Trinity of health.’ You might be doubtful about it because it is so simple and well-known but the truth is always simple, isn’t it?

1. Move Your Body

From my childhood, what I have heard the most was ‘take a rest’ especially because I was weak. I naturally believed that the way to become healthy was to spare myself and take a rest. However, it was completely contrary to what I believed. It was the easiest way to ruin my body. What I tried first to improve my health was exercise. Almost every day, I did yoga and hiked mountains with my bare feet. It was difficult in the beginning but I could feel that it improved my body little by little. I started to feel full of energy with great blood circulation. Ever since then, I have never skipped exercise even one day. I take a walk at least half an hour and do stretching before sleeping.