Overcoming Napoleon Complex

“My looks? I’m completely satisfied.” I met with a short man in his late 30s who had been suffering from a complex because of his short height. When I met him in person, he really was very short. He was small, with a thin voice, and even had rough skin. The Busan man said he had no choice but to be timid. But he was able to get over the inferiority complex in his mind through meditation. Now he works as a hairdresser and shows off his comfortable and youthful looks. Here’s the ‘Real Talk’ interview with this very confident man.

Interviewer: (Very cautiously) How tall are you?

I’m 5’2” tall. I was on the tall side until fifth grade in elementary school. I was also very bright and cheerful. But when I was in fifth grade I suffered from an extreme shock. I think I stopped growing at that time.

Interviewer: Less than 5’3”? What happened?

I came home from school and saw my mom die during a robbery. I ran into the robber and my fallen mother at the same time when the robber knocked me down with his hand and I passed out. It was a tremendous shock. I haven’t grown since. My personality completely changed, too. I didn’t speak, became passive, and would stare off into space.

Interviewer: Ah… I’m so sorry. That isn’t an easy case to become free from.

I was beside myself when I entered middle school. My classmates began to tease me because I was always in a daze. I felt discouraged and the height gap between my classmates grew worse. They would come back having grown taller after vacation, but