Last Chance Offer: 30% off -- Join us for a meditation retreat this Saturday, April 17, 2-5PM ET.

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Awaken the mind to embrace life fully! It's time to spring up and come out of hibernation from the winter. The dormant season is over. Join us for a meditation retreat to energize your soul. Along with learning and practicing a powerful type of meditation, there will be yoga and dance exercises, a hilarious laughing meditation, and discussions.

How can we awaken from our dream world? When you are in a dream you can’t get yourself out of it or know that it’s a dream. It is only after you wake up that you can see that it was just a dream. Such is human life. We live in our mind in a world we built from our life experiences and are asleep to the real world. When we come out of that mind world and see the world as it is, it is like a true rebirth. It is a liberating and joyful experience.