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Overcome COVID-19 Stress, New Yorkers Interested in Meditation

Screen capture of NYC Media TV ‘That’s so New York’

As of May 15th, in the United States, the confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 1.5 million and the death toll exceeded 90,000. In the state of New York alone, there were 357,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases and 28,000 deaths including New York City, so they’re making efforts to prepare mental health measures for citizens. 

NYC Media TV, which is the official broadcasting network of New York City, introduced meditation as a measure for caring for the body and mind during the COVID-19 pandemic; the meditation they introduced is known as originating in Korea and it is attracting attention. 

‘That’s So New York’, a TV program that showcases New York’s culture and events, sheds light on meditation, yoga, indoor exercise, and dance with the title of ‘Ways to Stay Active Indoors’. What impressed New Yorkers in this short three-minute video was the free online meditation offered by NYMeditationTV.

New York Meditation’s free online classes are offered every Wednesday 6PM and Saturday 4PM for people who feel stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the classes are receiving great acclaim. These classes are introduced to New Yorkers living in social distance and at home and for the health of their mind and body.

Furthermore, as it became known that this meditation started in Korea, following the ‘K-pandemic prevention’ the ‘K-meditation’ is also attracting attention in the prevention of stressful mind. This is insightful meditation to look back on yourself and subtract the mind that was founded by Woo Myung in Korea and now they educate in 50 countries around the world. There are 6 meditation centers in New York alone – Brooklyn, Flushing, Bayside, Long Island, Jackson Heights and Plainview.

In the broadcast, it was mentioned,“Before the pandemic, just walking to work could burn a lot of calories. However, as the city stops, New Yorkers need to be more creative to stay healthy. Therefore, maintaining health now is more important than ever. Let’s get started right now!”

NYC Media TV is New York City’s official broadcast network and media production group, operating four public television channels, including the TV station NYC Life. It provides various content in the education field. Since its founding in 2003, it has won 160 New York Emmy Awards for its excellent and informative program content. Content from NYC Media Channels are available on a variety of expansion platforms such as iTunes, the NYC Media iOS app, and Taxi TV.


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