Let’s Grow the Inner Potential of the Subconsciousness

Long Island Meditation - Growing Inner Potential

Do you know how successful people are different from others? Countless self-help books are available these days, and according to these books, successful people have the ability to pull out the potential they have from within themselves. Those who have not succeeded yet are the ones who are not even aware that they also have such potential. Of course, one’s innate ability is a plus for success. However, you can also be successful without such special ability.

Everyone has unlimited potential. But most people have never fulfilled their full potential throughout their entire life. What a pathetic reality it is. We are only given a single chance to live life. Life is short, so it is worthwhile to live a happy and satisfying life. But we actually live everyday as a repeated routine, just ordinarily and lacking something special, don’t we? You might even have doubt about the presence of potential in yourself. Probably, many of you might jump to the conclusion that you may never have it. Well, it’s time to change your conclusion. There is strong power within your mind that can definitely propel you to success and change your life into the one you really want. Let’s say ‘the strong power’ is the original mind; then for us at the moment, this original mind is just covered.

Think about your day today. We tend to have more negative thoughts than positive ones, don’t we? As we consume negative thoughts every day, the positive power within our mind, i.e. the original mind, is hidden. It is clear that we live as a slave to those negative thoughts. If you see the people who have become successful, they are several times more positive than ordinary people. Then, would it be impossible for ordinary people to have a super positive mind like that of successful people? It is actually possible. Just as you would throw away garbage into a garbage bin, you can subtract your mind through meditation. You can throw away the negative thoughts dictating you to think that it is impossible. Through the mind subtraction meditation, you can maximize your super powers, the p