In a World Without Worries Or Anxiety, I Attained Freedom Through This Meditation

Long Island Meditation - Worry and Anxiety Relief

Byung-joon Yoon / Government Official

It has been about 4 years since doing this meditation. On my way to the center, I get calls from my friends stating, “Hasn’t it been long enough doing that meditation?” But looking back at the 4 years of doing this meditation and the changes that have come though it, “I am still hungry.” Maybe because when I was young I was mature for my age, I always had a lot of interest in philosophy and religion. Those fundamental questions as a human being have always been in my head. “Why was I born?” “Why are humans living, and why do humans have to die?”

Because I am a worrywart, I even developed stomach problems

During my junior year of college, the pressure from my curiosities made me feel college life to be pointless,  so I took a leave of absence. During that time, my younger sibling had gone to this meditation and came back more mature than myself and easily answered my long held questions about life. It was very surprising. My younger sibling was not philosophical because he had never been curious about the things that I had been curious about.