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In a World Without Worries Or Anxiety, I Attained Freedom Through This Meditation

Long Island Meditation - Worry and Anxiety Relief

Byung-joon Yoon / Government Official

It has been about 4 years since doing this meditation. On my way to the center, I get calls from my friends stating, “Hasn’t it been long enough doing that meditation?” But looking back at the 4 years of doing this meditation and the changes that have come though it, “I am still hungry.” Maybe because when I was young I was mature for my age, I always had a lot of interest in philosophy and religion. Those fundamental questions as a human being have always been in my head. “Why was I born?” “Why are humans living, and why do humans have to die?”

Because I am a worrywart, I even developed stomach problems

During my junior year of college, the pressure from my curiosities made me feel college life to be pointless,  so I took a leave of absence. During that time, my younger sibling had gone to this meditation and came back more mature than myself and easily answered my long held questions about life. It was very surprising. My younger sibling was not philosophical because he had never been curious about the things that I had been curious about.

So I started this meditation right away. This meditation gave me the exact answers to my unfulfilled questions and gave me a way to throw away my minds. Up to now, having only heard of throwing away the mind but never having had a method that showed me how to do it, I thought this was the best thing about this meditation. After throwing away my minds one by one, I really began to know “who am I?”. I can never forget the happiness and joy I felt from that. I shouted to myself “This is it!” I made the decision to do this meditation to the end and followed the method diligently. As I did this for months, I could see my own self changing.

I had a lot of worries. I was always worrying 24 hours a day. I only realized this after I started this meditation. Looking back on what had passed, I saw that I was judging my own self, regretting, and worrying about the future that hasn’t even happened yet. For instance, after a certain action, I would regret and wish I could have done better. I would worry about what others thought of me and would decide my actions based on that, I started worrying a week or even a month before it would happen. I really was looking for worry.

No worries, no useless thoughts, this is true freedom of the mind

With all these worries, my stomach had problems. In my sophomore year of college, I had to receive emergency surgery on my stomach. After that, I could not eat well. I couldn’t digest any flour products, and I had to eat small amounts slowly. As I did this meditation, my stomach got better and now, I can eat rice or flour products and eat as much as I want to without any problems.

As I did this meditation, one of the things I realized was that all illnesses come from the mind. People these days call psychological diseases, stress-related illnesses. Since my mind was at ease and I had no worries, my stomach got better. Now, even if I try to worry, I cannot worry. That is true freedom of the mind.

Starting from one year ago, I have been working in Kyungju as a government official. For about one and a half years, I had to prepare for tests. Even then, I felt the powers of this meditation. In the past, if I had to spend one hour at the desk studying, I would have spent 30 minutes studying and the rest of the day dreaming and wasting my time. But after doing this meditation, I didn’t spend even one minute day dreaming. Since I had no mind, no worries, no useless thoughts, studying was easy. Since there are no minds of daydreaming, I could not daydream.

Now I know how to live well, and I am living well. Living and dying, the purpose of life, knowing the principles of the world and working hard at whatever I do, I can live every day without any worries and always be happy. Since I can deal with civil petitioners with an open mind, I have no stress, not only with my work but also with my co-workers. Isn’t everyone’s wish to be happy? Because I achieved my life-time dream, I am heading to the meditation center today with great gratitude to this meditation.

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