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I Have Overcome My Depression

Maria Tracy / Las Vegas, US

I was born in Slovakia and I grew up in a very small village near the capitol of Bratislava. I had a good life, good job and everything that I wanted, but I felt like I was missing something. I used to like to watch American TV shows, and it seemed like American people were very happy there, so I thought they had some special secret to happiness. So I decided to come to America and live American dream.

After coming to America I lived with American family and took care of their children as nanny. I traveled a lot, made money, met a lot of interesting people, but I felt like nothing changed. And I was feeling empty inside. After getting married and living my American dream I started feeling depressed and dissatisfied with my life. I didn’t know why I was depressed, I had everything that I wanted, but I wasn’t happy. I started taking medications for my depression and insomnia, but they didn’t help and I actually felt worse. I really wanted to be happy.

After starting this meditation and discarding my minds from the life I lived I realized all my depression and dissatisfaction came from the pictures that I took into my mind. After discarding all the false images and realizing my true self, I started to feel really happy. I just felt really happy and light. My mind started to clear up, my insomnia disappeared, my depression also disappeared.

Through this method I am able to look back at my life and realize that everything is my mind and when I throw away my false mind, the world around me changes, the people change, my perspective changes. Now I always feel happy, enjoy my everyday life, handle many difficult situations, which I thought would be mission impossible with positive attitude. I am very grateful for this meditation and finding a new way to live.


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