How I Eliminated Anxiety to Enjoy School

Since Test Taking Anxiety Disappeared, I Can Enjoy Studying

Yoon-young Choi / Student at Jeonju National University of Education

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During middle school, the most difficult thing for me was dealing with my anxiety. Test taking anxiety was so severe, yet I could not find the reason. It wasn’t because I didn’t like to study or that my grades were bad…

Only test time was hell, crying every day due to anxiety and fear

I grew up living together with my grandfather and grandmother receiving lots of love. I didn’t care about my grades until 5th grade when I had a moment when my grades were good. I started to get excited about studying and in middle school, I started to study diligently and my grades went up even further. It was fun, and I could see the benefits in my grades from studying so hard… But then why was my anxiety so big.

In 8th grade, I rarely missed being first place in my class. But around that time, whenever it was test time, my stress would bother me. For 2-3 weeks during test time, I wouldn’t be able to digest anything and couldn’t eat well or sleep well either. Without knowing the reason for my severe anxiety and fear, I cried almost every night from the pressure. Every time a test was approaching, I felt I was experiencing hell.