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How Do I Practice Living in the Present?

How Do I Practice Living in the Present?

By Hwal Jeong

How to be in the moment For this human body, it functions like a camera. Human takes pictures of what he sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels with his five senses and stores them in his brain. It means you have filmed everything throughout your whole life from the time you were born until now. So, a movie film has been recorded in your brain. And you are living in your mind world of pictures. Because you are living in your mind world which is an illusionary world, you are not able to be grounded in the real world. That is why it is so difficult for you to be realistic in your life.

A computer doesn’t work and stands still if any order is not given. Human should stands still in silence without thinking when he takes a rest. However, the brain is still working even if there is no work to do. Because the film in your brain is working, all the pictures in the brain keep coming up. That is why the countless thoughts and emotional reactions arise continuously. But most of them are negative and unnecessary delusional thoughts.

Even when you are trying to stand still in your daily life, most of time all kinds of minds such as hatred, worries, fear and anxiety come up from your subconscious. Sensitive emotions and thoughts pop up even in case of a trivial gesture or a word of advice. Because you can’t stop thinking, a lot of energy is consumed. Even if you suffer great misery from the repeated habits, you may not be able to see that as a problem. You just live your life while repeating same behaviors all the time unconsciously.

Here ‘s the simple solution Meditation is the way to discard your false mind which consists of karma(the life lived), habits and body. When throwing away your life lived, subconscious habits and body, your mind becomes Truth, the Universe. Then you can see what kinds of thoughts and emotions in your mind objectively from the universe point of view. When you get rid of all of the unnecessary minds, you can attain enlightenment. Then all the delusional thoughts from the past and about the future will disappear. You can be in the moment as the true self. Benefits of Meditation You can focus on your current work when you are in the moment. Also you can fully be dedicated to your work without wasting time. When you take the most efficient and realistic actions at this very moment, you are able to make a success in your life. You can be keenly aware of the current situations and circumstances with the broad living consciousness. Also, you can solve all the problems with your intuitive wisdom. You can achieve what you want to achieve.

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