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From Poor Grades And Study Habits To A Successful Man - A Meditation Experience

Long Island Meditation Personal Meditation Experience

Dong-Hyung Lee / WILEY Publisher

It all started when I was in the 4th grade, back in elementary school. My backpack broke and my mother sent me to school with hers. My teacher saw my mother’s bag and asked, “is this a student’s bag? Exactly what are you studying?” all while holding the bag up in plain sight of the entire class. I was embarrassed in front of all my classmates. From that point on, my teacher continued to shame me in front of classmates… 

I let go of all the delusions that hindered my studies

After that, school wasn’t fun for me and everything changed. I was seen as just a ‘child who couldn’t study’ and wasn’t smart. My grades became lower; I couldn’t get into any decent high schools. Luckily, I was accepted to a technical high school, but that school didn’t fit my aptitude.

I eventually attended college but soon left and started to worry about my future career. I wanted a new major in college. After a lot of stress and worry, I decided to study business in Singapore, where the tuition was relatively low and I could go abroad to study. I tried my best to study, but, since I never really learned how to study in high school, my grades suffered. I wanted to do better, I just didn’t know how. To make matters worse, at this particular university, I found out I could be deported if my grades weren’t good after the semester.

I was in real danger of being kicked out of the country and, more importantly, school. I worried about facing my parents after yet another failure in my studies. It felt like pressure on top of pressure. In my sophomore year in college, my younger brother told me about this meditation method.

Once I started to meditate, I immediately remembered how I was treated back in elementary school. I remembered how my teacher made me feel. Somehow, I carried these memories with me all this time. I thought I couldn’t study well and I had feelings that I was useless. I had a lot of memories and feelings about not trusting my teachers and being angry with them. All of these memories or remembered thoughts were just delusions that had blocked me from really trying. These memories weren’t real; they were just things I made up from my old environment. So when I meditated I really let go of all of these things.

Let’s give it a chance: I opened my mind and started to focus on the class

After throwing all my previous belief systems out, I enlightened that I became the Universe itself, and that there was no distance or time that existed. Everything was the infinite universe. I also realized that whether studying well or not, having a lot of money or just a little, everyone in the world living together is the true value of life. I became so grateful that my parents and teachers had helped me to continue going to school. Now I can truly study in a good environment.

Since I started meditating, my school life has changed quite a bit. I opened my mind and went to class. As I focused on the professor’s lecture, I started to have fun being part of the class. Soon it was time to take exams again. I would have usually panicked because I wasn’t prepared, but this time I wasn’t nervous at all. I found a classmate to study with and reviewed all of the things I didn’t know confidently. Instead of getting stuck on questions during the exam like I used to do, everything just came out and I was able to keep answering all the questions. I passed with good grades on all of my exams!

When I finally graduated in 2009, it was a time when the global economy was being effected by the big financial crisis in the United States. It was difficult to find a job, but I interviewed with a more confident attitude and less worries and soon found a good position at a company.

It may sound surprising that a timid student who only got “F” grades before is now holding a position in the global company now. This meditation method really got rid of my old mind and thought processes and has opened up unlimited potential. Anyone can lead the life they want.


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