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From A Mind Full Of Complaints To A Mind Full Of Gratitude

I was born in New Delhi, India. I immigrated to the United States when I was 21 years old. I had a rough time transitioning from India to the US because of racial discrimination and cultural differences. I always had a mind full of complaints and annoyances instead of gratitude to God. My negativity affected my husband and my child. I also struggled because I didn’t know how to stop my negative mindset.

I was raised in a devout Hindu family. I was taught to have a righteous mind toward God and always read the scriptures, but this didn’t help my negative mind or my complaining. I meditated the way I was taught as a child back in India. I prayed and prayed. Nothing seemed to help me. During those days, I came across a book written by teacher Woo Myung on Amazon. I learned that he didn’t just write books, but he also created a meditation method. I searched online and found that there was a meditation center near my house. I registered and started the first level. It was completely different from the meditation method I had done.

I used to suppress my thoughts and focus on the ‘Chakras’ in my body (Chakras are various focal points used in ancient meditation methods). Still, this meditation allowed me to really find the source of my negative, ungrateful mind and abandon it. This was exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to understand. Even for someone who has never meditated before, you can easily follow and practice it.

Before I learned about this meditation, I didn’t know why I had all of this negativity and annoyances in my mind. I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Every day after work, I went to the meditation center. I listened to the lecture and practiced guided meditation. I realized the root of my negative mind, and I learned how to get rid of it. I threw away my negative mind according to the method. I felt free, and I saw myself changing every day. Meditation allowed me to look back on myself. This is when I really could see the root of my negative mind.

When I was young, my father was very conservative and strict. I was angry with him, but I repressed my feelings. As an adult, I directed my anger at my mother, my husband, and my child. This meditation taught me that my mind was just like a trash can that collects all sorts of garbage.’ When I realized that, I felt as if I had come back to life from death.

Now my mind is very peaceful. Those loud noises and negativity do not exist. My mind is just like a peaceful forest. It is like nature. Teacher Woo Myung is incredible for creating this meditation method. As I meditated more, I felt sorry for my family. I felt sorry that I caused them stress and pain, so I introduced this meditation to all of them. My entire family now meditates with me. We live every day with happiness and gratitude.

This mediation is very easy. Once you learn and practice the method, you can get rid of all those useless thoughts that cause misery. It will change a dark negative mind to a mind that is bright and grateful. Who wouldn’t do this meditation?

I am grateful every day. I am grateful that this meditation changed my mind. I’m also grateful that this meditation taught me how to live my life without so much struggle. I’m grateful to teacher Woo Myung who created this method.

This meditation is an incredible study of minds. I had practiced other meditation styles in my life, but no other method helped me to change. With this meditation, it took a few months to start feeling the changes, but I still feel that everyone should begin this meditation and see for themselves. If you have a meditation center nearby, I strongly recommend that you learn about this meditation method. It is an amazing study. It will truly change your mind.

Kashvi Anand

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