Five Little Fiends – Sarah Dyer

Have you ever thought of making stars in the sky yours?

Here, I would like to introduce a story of five fiends that carry this thought into action.

It is Sarah Dyer’s picture book, Five Little Fiends.

A story is like this:

Five fiends were living in each of the statutes in vast field. They came out of the statues every day to see the scenery and appreciate beauty of nature. One day, five fiends decided to take what they liked the most in nature. Each one of them stowed away the sun, sky, land, moon and sea in their statues. What would happen next? Fiends looked at their favorite part of the nature within the statues.

However, these natures did not look as magnificent as before. The sun, sky, land, sea and moon were parted away and so they were dying out. They were not able to do their roles. The sun could not rise because there was no sky.