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Five Little Fiends – Sarah Dyer

Have you ever thought of making stars in the sky yours?

Here, I would like to introduce a story of five fiends that carry this thought into action.

It is Sarah Dyer’s picture book, Five Little Fiends.

A story is like this:

Five fiends were living in each of the statutes in vast field. They came out of the statues every day to see the scenery and appreciate beauty of nature. One day, five fiends decided to take what they liked the most in nature. Each one of them stowed away the sun, sky, land, moon and sea in their statues. What would happen next? Fiends looked at their favorite part of the nature within the statues.

However, these natures did not look as magnificent as before. The sun, sky, land, sea and moon were parted away and so they were dying out. They were not able to do their roles. The sun could not rise because there was no sky.

The land was drying because there was no water.

Each of the fiends owned what they wanted but they were not satisfied as expected. These five friends gathered together to get a solution. They decided to put them back to their original places.

It was never good that greedy ones take what they want. These five elements of the nature were truly beautiful when they were together. So, the five fiends decided to let them go to their original place.

Likewise, we always try to possess something with greed and attachments. We try to make the complete world ours and possess everything in that world. We try to fill ourselves up with attachments and greed. However, would there be true happiness in that? If you throw away these attachments and greed, you will not lose anything but get to see the complete world that is never-disappearing true happiness. Now is the time when every one of us throws away the attachment and live as one.

I hope that you read this writing of the Great Master Woo Myung and escape from your attachments that always deceive you.

Attachment Human life is The life man lives. Man lives following the passage of time Ignorant of his purpose. But there is no one in this world Who is able to give him an answer. Listen! Commit yourselves to the work of this world Without any attachments. Human life will pass one way or another, So let go of all of the attachments that you have And live. Attachments are what you have In the mind you possess. Your foundation is non-existent, But the mind you possess desires to live life, And it is this mind that has become your attachment. What you must all realize is that A life of Truth is a life free of everything. Human life is fleeting, But man dos not know this; Instead he is lost in his mind, Only to die due to that attachment. From the Great Master Woo Myung’s poetry, Nature’s Flow


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