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COVID-19 UPDATE—Changes to Classes and Operations at Long Island Meditation

Hello Everyone,

As we continue to monitor the news and reports about coronavirus COVID-19, I am writing to provide an update on the steps Long Island Meditation is taking to help mitigate the impact of the virus as well as continue meditation classes.

So far we have offered our meditation method only in person at our meditation center. We appreciate the meditators who have meditated diligently with us so far. Despite the potentially devastating financial impact the Coronavirus may cause for many, especially small businesses, we plan on continuing the meditation center and hope more people can join us even through this pandemic. We are prepared to take the necessary steps to make a safe and clean meditation environment for our meditators and visitors who want to come to the center.

We are aware of the problem associated with group gatherings and meditation that can contribute to the spread of the virus, so we are also adding a video conferencing option with the instructors so that people are able to meditate at home while still continuing to follow the meditation program, and we are also limiting the time that people can come to the center.

Online Classes

Long Island Meditation is using a video conferencing software to allow the meditation instructors to guide many meditators at once. Meditators will join their video conference rooms and meditate together as guided by the meditation instructor. It is a very simple process and each meditator will be guided on how to do it.

What does it mean to you?

Current Meditators – We strongly encourage meditators to take the online meditation classes we offer, but with the option to come to the center and take the in-person meditation classes if they are unable to take them online. You can also join at your convenience. We are not restricting online classes and you will still be able to meditate when you want with us.

First time visitors – We hope you can come to the center at least initially for the introduction and training so that we can explain about this method, walk you through the meditation steps and show you how we can operate online. If you prefer not to come to the center, we can set it up online as well. Please contact us at 516-441-5983 for more information.

Hours of Operation

Until further notice, the meditation center will remain open for our regularly scheduled hours from 10AM---10PM, Monday---Saturday and 10AM---3PM, Sunday, but we will operate with caution.

Long Island Meditation Preventative Measures:

(We are doing our best to follow preventative measures as set forth by the CDC).

We are now disinfecting the center when people leave, which includes vacuuming and regularly disinfecting surfaces (Including door knobs, door locks, door buzzer, doors, chairs, floor and bathroom) with a Clorox or Lysol disinfectant

Washing cushion covers and blankets after daily use

Constant communication and staying updated about current protocols with our entire staff about best hygiene practices, including using mouthwash and hand sanitizer and washing hands often so that we provide a safe and clean meditation environment for people.

Provide mouthwash and hand sanitizer to our meditation meditators.

Take the temperature of all people who come into the center including staff. If there are any fevers, we recommend that meditation meditators and staff take the time off to get better.

Asking people who have traveled within the last two week to refrain from coming to the center.

Keep the center well ventilated to reduce the concentration of airborne germs

Limit group meditations, group events and interactions and keep a safe distance from each other to avoid spreading germs to each other.

CDC Manual on Keeping The Workplace Safe

Staying Calm, Being Prepared and Moving Forward

It is understandable for our meditators, especially, to feel disappointment at this time to not be able to come to the meditation center as they normally would since many people consider this to be their second home and use it as a place to rest their mind. As stated in the news reports, we are not panicking over this pandemic, but merely trying to be prepared and keep the community safe. This is a stressful time for everyone in the world. Our goal is to keep a safe place for meditators to continue their practice in the face of adversity, and we take comfort in knowing that you will be safe at home. Let’s continue meditating and practicing together remotely.

Questions or Comments

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments at longislandmeditation@gmail.com or call us at 516-441-5983. We are open for suggestions.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and willingness to follow the changes in operations we have set forth.


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