Are You Still Waiting for a Change?

Are You Still Waiting for a Change? This Meditation Changed Me

"Living such a trite course in life, I always hoped for a “special life.” First as a dentist in the hospital, and later after opening my own practice, I lived inside a life that I thought was mundane. I earned money, built a building, rented out the bottom floors, made the upper floors my dental office and home, and was soon turning 60.  I hated my life that seemed so ordinary and I deeply wanted to live a different life. But I just couldn’t figure out how to live that different life, that special life."

I always wanted a special life but constantly felt anxious and felt that something was missing

The most I did was become engrossed in playing tennis every night. Somehow, I never even got married.  And then through my brother’s recommendation, I started to do this meditation. As I followed the method and meditated, I felt that even if the Nobel Prize were given to this meditation it would not be sufficient. Throwing away one mind at a time and feeling the load on the chest lighten was worth more than a Nobel Prize.

My pride was strong, I was very stubborn, and I had a lot of attachments. I had to be better than others.  So I dwelled on a lot of things. I would compare my office to other dental offices and put myself down. I would attend multiple seminars to make a better me. That still wouldn’t be enough so I would travel abroad to listen to more seminars.

Regardless of whether there were no patients, or if there were a lot of patients, I would still be stressed. I was always anxious and always felt something was lacking. After opening my office, I lost so much weight it became noticeable to others.

But surprisingly in a good way, all those minds that made it difficult for me disappeared easily. Although this method cannot be physically seen, it was amazing. I wondered how this method was ever even developed? I felt that giving the Nobel Prize or the likes of it to the person who founded this method would not be wasted.