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Cleanse the Root of Disease and Stress

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Written in Sep 25, 2015 SungHee Lee (32 year old) Level 1 / Meditation Main Center

Before I started meditation, my body was in very bad shape and my heart was heavy. I had the desire to change, but due to my sick body and mind, I felt a little helpless. Then thankfully I had the opportunity and time to practice meditation so I started to do it.

Although I have frequently heard that the origin of illness is all in the mind and due to stress, as I reflected on my life and looked at picture after picture in my mind, I was surprised to see that I had such a negative mind. I was pretending not to, but I blamed the conditions, the environment, blamed others, and have lived with that in my mind.

First off, I am grateful for the method of throwing away the mind. And I am grateful to the helpers who have helped me change my mind and provided fun lectures. Thank you to all the people at the forefront who guided and made it possible to follow the method. I am also thankful to my fellow meditators who sat and meditated next to me. It would have been difficult and impossible for me to have done this alone. Since I had people to meditate together with, I was able to spend my time well.

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