A Discussion of the Mind, Truth, and Meditation - Long Island Meditation

From the Long Island Meditation Archives: This was a discussion that took place with several different religious leaders on January 1, 2002



Gwangil Kim, a clergyman

Sangdon Shin, a Buddhist monk

Gisook Kim, a Won Buddhism clergywoman.

Location: Meditation Main Center in Nonsan City, South Korea

1. Question:

Is the conception of ‘good and evil’ something that did not originally exist?

Woo Myung:

The conception of good and evil is something that exists in man’s mind. The conception of good and evil did not originally exist. Good and evil exists in man’s self-made notion that this is good and that is evil. In God, good and evil does not exist; God is great love. An act that we believe to be ‘good’ is not actually true goodness but a delusion, if the act is done with the mind that good is being done. When a lion catches prey to eat, it is done without the mind that such an act is good or evil. In the same way, man must also become free of the conception