It is with great earnest that I say to you,
abandon your attachments,
abandon your discernments,
abandon what you know,
abandon your pride,
abandon anything and everything in your subconscious
that moves you.
Completely remove the fundamental roots
of all of your thoughts.
Be simple and innocent.
Be like a child.
Be a person that knows nothing.
Abandon your curiosity.
Do not be cunning.
Abandon wealth and prosperity.
Such things are what sicken you,
That are your worst enemies.

Words of Wisdom

What is Nature's Flow?

The original mind, the mind of Truth, is compassion and love. Nature’s Flow is the mind of Nature: The Universe, Truth gives us food to eat, water to drink, gives us heat and cold, and allows all things to live, but it never expects anything in return. It does not have the mind of having done something, despite all that it has done; the very thought of having done something does not exist. Such a mind is the mind of nature’s flow.

Even though it saves people, not having the mind of having done so is the mind of nature, and great love, namely it is nature’s flow.

The mind of Nature’s Flow is the mind of nature, one that is without ‘self.’ Therefore, it is without conflict and hindrances, and though it exists, it is a big mind that is accepting of all things. The mind of God that accepts everything is what natures flow is.



Love is endlessly peaceful.
Love is endlessly understanding.
Love is something only humans have.
Love is about giving what you have.
Love is about humans loving humans.
Love is about sharing goodness with others.
Love is about showing mercy to others.
Love is about giving everything to
the people of the world;
It is about giving what you have to others.
Love is about speaking for those who have no words.
Love is about making it possible for the deaf to hear.
Love is about being loyal to the ones you love.
Love is about giving the whole of your heart.
Love is about being of one mind even when you and another are not together.
Love is about showing a warm gesture even to those who are just passing by.
Love is about showing uncalculated kindness.
Love is about longing those you miss.
Love is about treating loved ones with love.
Love is to give to others if they are wanting.
Loving people live in a loving world,
So they treat each other with love.
And because the people of the world
Treat each other with love,
The dark clouds of anger are lifted,
And they care for one another.
At the sight of the world and all of its creations living on love,
I jump for joy;
No one in the world has been left behind.
The world has always been a place where there is no distinction between ‘you’ and ‘me,’
And such a world is indeed a great place to live in.


Words are one’s mind
There are words that are one’s own
and there are words of the Universe.
When words are spoken well,
it can have a great impact on the listener;
but when they are not they cause much distress.
In a world full of words, false and useless words cannot even be called words
True words are those that are spoken with no self whatsoever.
one must always speak sincerely for sincerity is truth –
always speak words that are calm and peaceful;
always speak words without mind;
always speak with a constant heart;
always speak words that can be kept;
always speak your own mind;
always speak your will without any minds;
always speak carefully;
always speak of things just as they are;
always think before speaking;
always speak in a bright manner;
always speak affectionately;
always speak politely;
always speak like an innocent;
always speak carefully, in a pleasing tone;
always speak from the other person’s point of view
always speak from the heart;
always speak with warm affection;
always speak in a way that benefits the listener.
Only when one always speaks in this way
are his words those of value and truth.

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