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Nature is Beautiful. People are Beautiful.

Co-existence is Heaven.

Center Activities

Cake is good!
Enjoying time with other meditators
Beautiful party food
Thank you Oita Sushi!
Meditation time
So happy after meditation!
Level 4 and up meeting
Enjoying time together
Let's start meditation
Last minute guidance
Party food
Eclectic mix from the students
Summer Fun GW bridge
We enjoyed so much time together this summer!
Conversation at the park
Enjoying the moment
Overflowing meditators
So happy together
True cookie
Thank you so much!
With the Flushing Meditation cat (Momi)
Food line
With great patience and joy
Eating together
With lovely company and great food
True food
Passing level party
Celebrating each other's success
Action meditation
Always happy together
Ultimate Frisbee in the Park
This time together was so precious. Thank you!
Party meal together
What a great opportunity to be together!
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Thumbs up to the crowd
Carrots almost sold out.
Brandon worked hard to distribute them
Enjoying helping others together!
Al is giving onions
Would you like some Cauliflowers?
Happy Cauliflowers
Mother/Daughter Team
Helping other families together.
Getting ready for people
Visit this one
We are ready!
City Harvest Providing Food
Mickey will give out everything
Look at all the food!
Thank you
Food is disappearing
Working hard
Need more food
Please take some more
Plenty to go around
Long lines
Everyone was happy to wait
Happy to work together
Starting together
Tools are ready!
Cutting and eliminating
Seebong has too much power for the tiny vines!
Search and destroy
Happily working
Diligent man
I found some behind this tree!
Working together
We did it together!
Christmas hats
Volunteers with hats
Heather giving to others
Food line
Patient volunteers
Great food!
Justin doing some heavy lifting
Boxes of apples for dessert
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Walking together
It was fun!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Fireworks in the background
Parade promotion
Playing jazz at our booth
Music makes promotion more exciting
Parade promotion
Walking with joy together
Fun and Promotion
Enjoying the moments
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Youth Program

Popping the stress
Throwing away school
What should I throw away?
Eliminating distracting thoughts
Throw away
Letting go
Drawing my thoughts
Letting go of images
Musical Meditation
Playing together
Youth program
Enjoying some outdoor activities
Youth program
Silliness with the kids
Youth Program activities
So much fun!
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Meditation Workshops

High School Workshop
Thank you for hosting!
Thank you!
Wonderful students and teachers
Youth program
Enjoying some outdoor activities
Youth program
Silliness with the kids
Youth Program activities
So much fun!
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Mind & Body Retreat

Join us!
Mind & Body Retreat
Happy to start
Stretching & Exercise
Together is more fun
Walking Meditation
Enjoying the walk
Dinner time
Great table setting!
Yummy desserts
Meeting the farm animals
Camp fire meditation
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