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  • Unlimited access to all online and in person sessions

  • One on one guided meditation

  • Personalized consultation & coaching on meditation

  • Access to free online meditation videos and wisdom book readings


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Plan12 Month Membership
Duration12 months

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You will be charged monthly for 12 months.
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We don't offer refunds because the meditation simply works. In order for people to know it works, they need to give it some time. We recommend people to give their sincere efforts for a period of at least one month with a trained guided meditation instructor. We can't guarantee benefits after only a few days of meditation. You will need time to feel and observe the benefits of your meditation practice. This varies amongst practitioners; some people can feel changes within the 1st day and for others, it may take several months to sense any change, depending on the person's openness, mindset and sincerity.

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