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How to Meditate

The best - guided meditation in Long Island, NY


Why We Need to Meditate?

Beginner's Guide to Meditation

You may have heard countless benefits of meditation and started to take interest in trying it out, but may not know where to start. You may also be worried if it is going to be difficult to make the time or to stay focused. It is actually not that difficult at all to make the commitment once you get a clear idea of what meditation is really about. We have the best-guided meditation for beginners. Our method is simple and effective. It is designed for everyone. From children to grandparents, anyone can follow and reap the benefits. 

You will practice how to


Reflect On Yourself

Realize where all your thoughts come from


Cleanse Your Mind

Discard from the perspective of the Universe using the guided visualization technique


Discover The Truth

Discover Truth, which is the Universe, exists within you. Live in real happiness in the true world.

What is meditation?

Simply put, meditation is to clean the mind. Think of it this way. If your face is dirty, what do you do? Wash it right. If the garbage bin is full, what do you do? Yes, empty it. The same thing applies to the mind. We need a way to cleanse our mind or empty the mind when it is full.  Our minds are filled with countless kinds of thoughts from the life we lived. Our meditation is a systematic and efficient way to cleanse the mind and get back to a state of mind that all religions, ideologies, and philosophies talk about and then live there.


How to meditate for beginners

You may ask, is it going to be difficult to stop thinking and stop the mind from racing? It could be intimidating at first but once you understand how your mind works, you will not find it difficult anymore. You will be able to manage it with our science-backed meditation method and when you complete our 7-step method you will become completely free from your mind. Everybody has a lot of thoughts. Whether it has to do with family, career, future, or health. We have worries in our mind, negative thoughts, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger, curiosities, questions, and doubts. They are like stains in our mind. To cleanse these stains, we need to understand ‘my mind.’ We need to understand about ‘human mind.’

What is the mind?

Human mind can be explained by using the analogy of camera. What does a camera do? A camera takes pictures. If there is an apple and the camera takes a picture of the apple, the picture of the apple is not actually the real apple. It is just a picture. The human body works exactly like that. With our five senses – eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and the body – we take pictures, and we store all our experiences in our mind in the form of pictures.

Watch this short video to learn about our meditation.

Why Does This Meditation Succeed?

The best way to learn how to meditate is to be guided by a meditation expert. When you register for our guided meditation for beginners' class, we will show you how to meditate step by step. We will guide you with the method that will enable you to completely throw away this fake mind world. 

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Remembered thoughts of my life lived


Become aware of your habits & attachments


Throw away thoughts, stress & anxiety with a guided meditation technique

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