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Long Island Meditation

Join Our Meditation Retreat From Home!

Guided Meditation Challenge

*Learn at the #1 guided meditation course in the world

(Which produced 350 centers in the world and 5000 people who have achieved completion of meditation)

Those people continue to live without stress, pain, burden and are always happy

Hard to believe? Join the challenge today and see for yourself!

About the Guided Meditation Home Retreat

Why should I join? 

Everyone has something they are looking for at the moment

*Become more positive *Become more beautiful *Eliminate illnesses *Become successful 

*Become more efficient *Gain more energy to do what they want *Become comfortable and happy *Have more confidence in whatever they do *Become free from illness and longevity *Achieve enlightenment *Live in the present *Understand the principles of the world *Know their purpose in life

This meditation can help you achieve what you want


Benefits of completing the Guided Meditation Challenge:

*Become enlightened *Find your true self *Understand the true texts of the world *Less Stress *Less worries *Less anger *Less thoughts *More focused *Become happier *Become healthier  *More productive *More energy *Less dependent on drugs or alcohol to feel better

*Eliminate bad habits *Many people who have completed this course have went on to achieve human completion

How will I be able to achieve all these things?

Use the method - Getting rid of the false self

When you do "Getting rid of the false self," the true self and the true world can be seen. In the bible, it says that God is within you and the Kingdom of God is within you. In the Buddhist sutras, it says that Buddha is within you and the Land of Buddha is within you. Man is incomplete because he lives inside the human mind, which is false. This is why human is incomplete. 

Human mind is living inside the human world which consists of karma, habits and body. That is why God, the Kingdom of God, Buddha, the Land of Buddha, and Allah and the Kingdom of Allah cannot be seen or known.

One must have heaven and paradise in order to live. In other words, if you want to find heaven or paradise or the best self, who is living without stress, pain and burden, it is already inside of you, but you will need to uncover it by getting rid of the false self. When you uncover it, you will enlighten to the solutions within and find your true self.

Are classes guided in groups?

Classes are guided in groups and in one-on-one settings.

How long is this course?

To see the benefits and results, Long Island Meditation offers 3 month or 6 month courses. But you can come as often as you like. We encourage people who can't commit that much time during the week to sign up for the 6 month course so that you give yourself time to earnestly practice the meditation and see results. 

This meditation has 7 levels and the focus of this challenge is to get through the first 6 levels in this 3 or 6 month period that you choose. Some people are able to achieve it in a few days.


Why are there only longer term courses? 

Just like any educational institution from primary and secondary schools to sports academies and trade schools, there are many concepts and practices to master. In reality, meditation is relatively very simple but you will need to become a master of your own mind by following the meditation method. Only then will the stress, burden, anxiety, countless thoughts, and worries disappear and then when those are gone, only happiness remains. But the most important thing is that you need to make it a habit.


For anything you are doing, you need to devote time, energy, and consistency to make it a habit and to successfully integrate it into your life. Phillippa Lally, a health pschology researcher at University College London, published a study that was trying to find out how long it actually takes to form a habit. It found that on average it takes 66 days, but can be anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit. Most people want to resolve their issue quickly. But if you want to truly resolve it, you need to integrate a method into your life such that it becomes habitual. This is very difficult to do on your own especially if you are entering into the realm such as meditation which you may or may not be that familiar with. And it is compounded if you have children, go to school or work full time, go to the gym, have a social life, and run all of your personal and family errands.


The founder of this meditation method designed a meditation program that will guide you perfectly to that desired state of mind or desired circumstances of life without wasting time and energy. If you try to become a doctor on your own it is almost impossible and you would indeed waste years of time. But if you go to school and study medicine and learn from professionals in that medical program, then you will be guided perfectly to your goal of becoming a doctor. The founder created the perfect method to get you to the final goal.

What if I don't have the time?

This is why we have created this course because on your own you won't be able to make the time. The school system is successful because it creates a place you can study at while classes and homework are mandatory to pass the course so that kids and teenagers actually have to try to learn and participate in order to graduate. If you pay for a course and you have a location you have to go to, then you will make that commitment to get there and as long as you show up, the teachers guide you through everything. On your own, it would not happen. Training the mind is not different from regular education. You also need to commit to it.

What is the schedule?

Long Island Meditation schedule is very flexible and operates by appointment. We are open from M-Sa,10am-10pm and Su,10am-3pm. As a Guided Meditation Challenge student, you would be able to do everything online or come to the center.

What am I paying for?

Unlimited lectures, consultations and live guided meditations are included online for our regular hours. Sessions are done at the center and at home in your spare time. There are several instructors or meditation guides (like a personal trainer) that will help you through the course step by step, motivate you, and also help you overcome difficulties. 


We understand your time is important to you. We are ready to give you the time you deserve. We are looking for people who are ready to change their life and achieve what they want to achieve.

What is the cost?

3 Month Home Meditation Retreat: $450

6 Month Home Meditation Retreat: $800

Ready for the challenge?!

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Still Can't Decide?

Clarify things with a free consultation or learn more about the method.

Still Can't Decide?

Clarify things with a free consultation 

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