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How to
Find Truth Within

Find Truth, Which is God, Buddha, Allah, Within While You Are Alive

In Christianity, a clergyman said that although there are numerous religions in this world and many people believe in God, there is no one who has seen this God or is there anyone who has gone to heaven, which is God’s kingdom. This existence of God is the existence of Truth. All the countless people who lived during the era of incompletion could not find the existence of Truth, because they searched for God from inside their own false mind world.


In the Bible, it says that God is within your mind and heaven is also within your mind. The Buddhist sutras also say that Buddha is within your mind and nirvana is within your mind. Allah is said to be within and paradise also within the mind. What these words ‘within the mind’ mean is that humans do not have the existence of Truth within their false minds of their life lived, but once they discard this false mind that is not real, they can see and know Truth because it exists within them.


People do not know Truth because it does not exist within them. Once the self completely dies from this world, the non-material yet real existence of Truth that is the great Soul and Spirit of the infinite universe exists. Once this itself becomes your mind and you are reborn – once your self, this land, and this world is reborn, heaven, nirvana, paradise that is the land of Truth exists right here. To have Truth within you and to be born and live in the land of Truth and live there, doing the study of discarding your false self is needed.

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Would you like to learn the method to find the land of Truth, which is Heaven, Nirvana and Paradise within you while living?

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