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Q. If I sign up how many classes can I attend at the center?
A.  When you sign up you have access to unlimited meditation time at our center.

Q. How often should I attend classes?
A.  As much or as little as you wish. We encourage students to attend as much as possible to see results and reach completion (program can be completed in 1-2 years). But our main goal is for you to be happy and this means you must choose the speed that brings balance and joy to your life.


Q. What are the roots (or lineage) of this meditation?

A. Unlike other meditative practices, that come from specific spiritual traditions, this meditation is somewhat new. This project started in 1996 after a man named, Woo Myung reached full enlightenment. Since that time he has worked for the past two decades developing different techniques (later established into the 7 levels) trying to perfect the method so others could reach a state of completion. Throughout the years as the different techniques were developed, students could reach various enlightenments, but were unable to reach completion themselves until 2012. As of 2017, there are 5,000 people who have reached human completion and the number is growing every year!


While the founder provides a standard guide (i.e. manuals etc.) and guidance to the meditation centers when needed, the centers around the world run autonomously from him. Instead, this project is emerging by hardworking people from all over the globe trying their best to share this message of hope with others as a result of their own positive and transformational experiences.




Q. What are the various payment options? Why do you offer a longer term agreement?
A.  We have different payment options. We provide the option to pay for unlimited classes month by month or the option of a year/two-year agreement (at a discounted monthly rate). We have a long-term agreement simply to encourage our students to commit to the course that is the completion of all levels (minimum time takes a year, on average most people finish it in 2-3 years).


If you sign up for the agreement, you are absolulty free to cancel it at any time, however just like when canceling a gym membership we charge a small cancellation fee.