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Meditation for Anxiety 

Are you suffering from anxiety and sleep problems? These two things often go hand in hand. If you have mild anxiety or stress that might be contributing to sleep issues, it’s possible that some lifestyle changes could help relieve your anxiety, making it easier for you to sleep without the aid of a foreign chemical. These lifestyle choices may also assist in the management of more severe anxiety. For instance there are 2 common approaches to reduce anxiety:

1. Regular exercise or yoga may help ease anxiety, stress, and depression. Regular exercise may help ease depression and anxiety by: Releasing feel-good endorphins and other natural brain chemicals that can enhance your sense of well-being.


2. Meditation for anxiety can help reduce it. 

As you heard, meditation is good. Meditation with the mind has been proven to reduce stress, but did you know there is a method to eliminate anxiety altogether and live a peaceful and happy life?

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The Root of Anxiety and Stress

Here is a great explanation of the root of our anxiety and stress:

Free Meditation Before Bed

Sleep and Anxiety Meditation

To Get a Better Night's Sleep

Better sleep, better days. So many struggle to “turn off” at night and sleep in a way that is truly restorative. We have designed a special nighttime meditation series to melt away tension and invite a restful night’s sleep. Elizabeth Cockrell, of Brooklyn Meditation, is an experienced meditation guide who also happens to have a wonderfully soothing voice. She will guide us through a progressive relaxation technique and guided night meditation to gently release the thoughts of the day. Naturally, your body and mind will quiet down, allowing for a comfortable, rejuvenating night’s sleep.


Every Tuesday and Thursday night, the sessions will begin at 10pm, and close quietly at 10:45 - but hopefully our “goodnight” will go unheard. :) This is intended to be the last thing you do before falling asleep, so come ready to drift off to dreamland. We’ll see you there! Completely free and all are welcome. Please share this with anyone who could benefit from sounder sleep and sweeter dreams.


East Coast Edition

Tuesday & Thursday at 10pm ET 

Hosted By Elizabeth & Evan

West Coast Edition

Monday at 9pm PT

Hosted By Pralima & Ronan


Do you struggle to “power down” at night? We hear you. We have created a soothing night meditation series to help you release the day's thoughts and gently invite a well-deserved, restful night's sleep. Come prepared to turn in and drift off during this relaxing nighttime session.

What to Expect


*A brief introduction to the purpose and premise of meditation, and identify the blockages to healthy sleep patterns.

*Some simple stretches and progressive relaxation techniques to put the body at ease.

*A guided visualization meditation to identify and release - or  “throw away” - stressful, negative, and burdensome thoughts from the day.

By the end of the session, you will have released tension in both the body and mind, allowing for an easier and more restful night’s sleep.

Our Staff




Elizabeth has been practicing meditation for 7 years and has been guiding as an instructor at the Brooklyn Meditation center in Park Slope for 5 years. Since it’s grand opening in the summer of 2015, the center has seen hundreds of diverse people of all backgrounds make meditation part of their life style. 




For the past 18 years, Evan has been on a spiritual journey, during which time his search for inner peace led him to Finding Your True Self meditation. Since completing the meditation program in 2008, Evan has focused on guiding newcomers and trying to spread the good word. 




Pralima started searching for inner peace and happiness at a young age. She found the meditation method in 2009.

Ever since, she has been involved in helping others find peace within. She is currently a full time meditation guide at San Francisco Meditation.




Ronan began meditation almost 6 years ago at Las Vegas Meditation. Over time he noticed improvements in his personal as well as his work life. These wonderful changes brought forth a better quality of life. Having been helped personally by this practice, he has gotten involved with the public online programs to share this meditation with others.

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